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December 11th 2006, 11:36am

We're moved in...

Well, nearly. My stuff arrived last Monday, intact for the most part. Only one broken plate from Turkey and one broken candleholder from Mexico. Both of which give me a good excuse to go back to those countries, especially since James hasn't been to either! We had just managed to get the place sorted out when we found out the shipment from Canada was coming in. I came home from work (I'm working at a stall in the local Christmas market for now) to sixteen large boxes dominating the front room. James and I had fun opening the boxes. It was like Christmas! After not seeing any of those things for two months, you tend to forget what you were waiting for!

We only have one difficulty. James likes books, and I like books, and we have both amassed a considerably large library separately, and have added to it together, as well. Books are not the problem, though. Books CAN'T be a problem, they're wonderful. Our difficulty is our utter lack of shelving to be home to our multitude of books! So we're going to try and track down some wood through a friend and add to the current built-in shelves.

Actually, we have one other difficulty. Kitchen space! We have lots of lovely things for using in the kitchen, and not quite enough space to put them all. Which really is no good. There is a funny side to it, though. It's funny that some of the Pampered Chef stoneware we received as gifts is too large for our British oven! We had pizza the other night, and I really wanted to use my pizza stone, but it doesn't fit, the oven isn't deep enough. Then last night I was going to make some fries, but the large bar pan doesn't fit width wise (no point in trying to make it fit the other way, the oven is really shallow!). So I'm getting a good chuckle out of that.

Time is just flying by here. I can't believe it's been nearly two and a half months already. Moving around and getting settled has made it fly by! I'll get the pictures posted soon. Right now they're on James' computer, so I'll try to remember to add them this evening. If you want to see what our house is like, click on this link and then ask it to view it in Google Earth. You'll have to download Google Earth to see the house properly, but it's a cool way to mark where your friends live, where you've travelled to, stuff like that. I've made it so you can look through the windows in the house and get a rough idea of the layout. It's not a real tour, but combine it with the pictures I'll post later and you should have a good idea.

To the "what is your address?" question, I will not be posting it on my blog. I'll send a fan-out with our address and phone number. I may not have your current email address, so if you would like to hear from me, please email me within the next week and I'll send them off to you!

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Comment posted by Sherry at 11:36am on December 11th 2006

Yay! More news from Nomi! Glad to here you are settling in and that you have only a lack of space and not of stuff. I am in the midst of finals. The two hardest are over. If I pass those I will be glad.

Comment posted by Ernst at 11:36am on December 11th 2006

Hello there, it's Ernst Mantler from BBI. Imagine to my surprise when I decide for kicks to Google my own name and the first thing that pops up is... "Don't be an Ernst Mantler". I can't tell you how hard I was laughing when I saw that. Honestly you made my day, I just thought I'd share that with you.

Comment posted by Mom at 11:36am on December 11th 2006

Finally had a chance to read your blog. Lots of stuff happening! What a shame about the Pampered Chef! Does that mean the stoneware they sell there is smaller - hopefully cheaper!! :)

Talk to you soon

Comment posted by Lisa (Laxdal) Loeppky at 11:36am on December 11th 2006

Hi Naomi!! I love reading your blog!! I know I haven't kept in touch with you, but I think about you!! Sounds like you're having fun! Lisa

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