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March 14th 2005, 9:51am

Look! A blog on the front page! Wow! Well, now I have a laptop from Dell delivered by Mexican bike delivery boys (pictured here). Oddly enough, they are faster than Fed Ex... in case you ever need to send parcels!

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Comment posted by Alyssa at 9:51am on March 14th 2005

Hey Naomi,

i like the website! but you said to sign this or somthing like that! lol! but e-mail me somtime!bye~

*Alyssa Peppers*

Comment posted by James Ots at 9:51am on March 14th 2005

Naomi: Go to

Your username is 'naomi'. Your password is the usual one. I can't promise to be online when you go there, but I might be ;)

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