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Look! A Mexican Restaurant!

January 30th 2006, 7:47am

Kristina and Michelle came out this weekend for a visit, along with Michelle's little guy, Aidan. We went out for appetizers on Friday night with Aubrey, Colin and Paul to Moxie's. Oh My Goodness! I had no idea their appetizers were so BIG! So we left there nice and stuffed.

The next morning I talked with James for a half hour or so while the other girls had their showers, and then we blitzed out the door to see the first photographer. Janette Morrison is her name, and we've decided to go with her. She offers a great deal, and James is pleased with the style of camera she uses. We went to another photographer afterwards (at that point we hadn't decided), and then onwards to meet the DJ... On the way to the DJ's, we discovered the SLOWEST A&W on the planet. No joke. We walked in, and Kristina ordered a Mama burger. No fries, no drink, just the burger. Easy, right? So over five minutes later, we're still standing there, no burger... And the girl hasn't even asked if I want to order anything. So when Kristina was finally handed her burger, we'd noticed that the cars were going through the drive-thru a lot faster than the walk-in customers. So we figured we'd order my food and Michelle's food through the drive-thru. HA!!! Bigger Joke!!! We got told to park on the side of the building - where we sat for another 5-10 minutes. It was great to have some people to come along with me to do these things, what with James being out of the country and all.

We dropped Michelle and Aidan off at her aunt's house afterwards (she ended up going home early with her other aunt), and Kristina and I went to check out a church. It's cool, and we'll likely go with that church, since it's one of FOUR I've provisionally booked. After having such a hard time getting a church, I'm NOT taking any more chances. We dropped by Stokes later to check what we'd registered for, and then set out to find somewhere to eat. Who'd have thunk it? There are plenty of malls in the Shaganappi area, but it seems, NO restaurants. So we drove towards the church Trevor & Daphne Willems attend, and still no restuarant. Except fast food. Which is funny, since there are plenty of motels in the area! So we go down one more street. Picture this. I'm cracking jokes, and acting goofy to set Kristina off, and we get to the part of the road where something might be. I'm calling out, look, a motorcycle shop, look, a bike shop, look, a kayak shop, and then I yelled out "LOOK! A Mexican Restaurant!". Kristina sharply turned us into the nearest parking spot (luckily empty), and we dashed in. Fortunately, we missed the mad rush that followed us, and got seated directly. And good GOOD food. As in, Naomi was in Mexico multiple times last summer, and this is like being in Mexico. Without the salsa verde, though. Boo hoo! Oh, Lori, it's made with tomatillos!

We went to Trevor and Daphne's church after, and I really enjoyed myself. It felt a lot cozier than the church I've been attending, I might just switch! Far close to home, too. Afterwards we went to their place and talked and talked and talked for hours! We didn't get out of there until nearly midnight! It was so great!

Sunday was a true day of rest. I talked to James on the phone for a good three hours, while Kristina slept and read (and although I thought I didn't hear her, she managed to have a shower and get dressed, as well!). Then we went out to IKEA, had lunch out there, and then went to The Bay to try and solve the mystery of what on earth I'd registered for... Some things just aren't well named. Plus we have to change how we're registering, because we've changed our minds as to how long we'll live in Britain for. Instead of a mere two or three years, we're thinking ten years! So lots of time for you guys to have excuses to travel to England! ;) And the rest of the day was pretty much just kicking back at my place. And now it's late, and we have to sleeeeeeeeeep.

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Comment posted by sharon at 7:47am on January 30th 2006

makes me think I need to make a stop over in Calgary....

Comment posted by Janelle at 7:47am on January 30th 2006

please, please give Daphne a big hug for me!!

and i'm excited about you & your dress! how fun is planning? i loved it!

Comment posted by tamra at 7:47am on January 30th 2006


Oh my old roomie. Good to see things are falling into place with the planning. :)

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