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January 26th 2006, 2:27am

My mom, sister and I went to the Calgary Bridal Fair this past weekend and had a great time! We bought my dress (I LOVE it!), the tuxes I love are now available at Moore's, and I found some great photographers and DJs.

Now Kristina is coming out to Calgary for this weekend, so that will be a lot of fun. I haven't seen her since last January, when James and I went across Canada. Hurray! What fun! And we're going to do a little wedding stuff together.

We had a really hard time finding a church we liked, but I've found three and booked them tentatively, in the hopes that ONE will work. The church I'd really like is hard to get ahold of, but I'm hoping it might still happen. AND we've already got our reception site. Exciting!

Well, just thought I'd give a little wedding update. Work is fantastic, I love my job. Everyone is great, and my work day goes fast. Which is really all you can ask for! Plus it's great for a resume. I'm keeping so nice and busy that our time apart is flying by. Hopefully that continues. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?

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Comment posted by Janelle at 2:27am on January 26th 2006

I'm glad you have finally updated! and i'm super excited for you - wedding planning is sooo fun! where will you guys live? well, keep in touch ok! love ya!

Comment posted by at 2:27am on January 26th 2006

We'll be living in England for our first years. We plan on eventually coming back to Canada, but want to spend some time in England first. You know, all those travel locations so nearby!

Comment posted by Jolly at 2:27am on January 26th 2006

WHAT!!! You are getting married???!!!! Right on! Ma Brooke! (as the Yemenis say!) or Congradulations as the Englisis would say! Wow! See what happens when I leave the loop! I take it his name is James! Tis a kingly name. Way to go, Naomi! Marriage is a hoot! -jolly

Comment posted by Sharon at 2:27am on January 26th 2006

Yay, she's finally blogging again!

By the way, I didn't do the life-sized Game of Life (I know, I know, it would have been so much fun--but I had to think about my sanity and how much time it would take to prepare it). I did get a couple of the board games, though--turned out alright.

Anways, love you girl!

Oh, yeah, what's James' website address?

Comment posted by James Ots at 2:27am on January 26th 2006

My website address is

Comment posted by karina at 2:27am on January 26th 2006

hi naomi. so much conratulations on all the exciting news :) what is your tentative date? i'm a very bad friend for not returning your calls and i'm really sorry. will you forgive me? i work or have youth or jason's hockey games almost every evening so that's why you haven't reached me lately. perhaps emailing would be better. i will try it. love you lots :)

Comment posted by at 2:27am on January 26th 2006

We're getting married July 29th, there will be a website eventually.

Comment posted by Jen Bueckert at 2:27am on January 26th 2006

Hey Nomi! Congrats on getting married! I'm sooo happy for you. Check out my site sometime!!!!

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