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January 26th 2006, 2:17am

So maybe I'm not the best at posting on my site. Perhaps I can be rather negligent in my tales of adventure and the mundane. Possibly I could improve on my consistency. Yes, all of this is true! I ought not blog if I can't keep it up! But I know you'll all forgive me!

The cruise kept me quite busy this summer. I had a wonderful roommate, Hayley, who kept me sane and some other wonderful co-workers. On the other side of the coin... I worked my butt off! Let's just say I was pretty tuckered out when I got back to Canada. And after so many months apart, I was glad indeed to be back in Canada, especially since James was already in Calgary!

It was so nice to have some real time face to face together. By the time we had our one year anniversary in October, we'd had a scant six weeks together. We'd had nine months apart until I got back and it was wonderful and slightly odd being together so much after so much time long distance. Of course, I kept anticipating a proposal. When we went out for our anniversary to the Calgary Tower, I was hoping he wouldn't propose, I wanted it on a night of its own. When we went to the Calgary Flames vs. the Vancouver Canucks game, I kind of hoped he might be cheesy enough to have it put up on the scoreboard. Well, he didn't, but a girl three rows down did get her proposal that night. I figured that he was probably waiting to propose in Scotland, or England or Paris...

So when he picked me up from work the day after our car was insured and put on the road, I had no suspicions. I said if we whipped home quick I could get changed and we could go out and do something. HE said he already had an idea of what to do. Of course I was thinking in the back of my mind that MAYBE, just maybe, this time he'd pop the question. So after asking him how I should dress (with James I'm never sure!), I got ready and we headed out. He seemed quite certain of where he was taking me, so when we pulled into a parking lot, I was looking to see where he'd brought me. And on the side of the building I spot the words "Calgary Curling Rink"... I'm thinking to myself, he's kidding, right? I SUCK at curling. I fall all over the ice, can't get the rock to do anything. But okay, I'm game. So as we walk toward the building, I casually say to him, "Curling, huh?". Fortunately for me, he told me that we weren't going curling. Much relieved, but now curious, I asked him where we were going. He took me over a footbridge to Prince's Island, where we had a lovely supper. After we'd finished our supper (with mussells for starters, it's become a traditions of ours), I started to reach into his jacket pocket at the coat rack on my way back from the washroom. Suddenly James is beside me, asking what I needed. I told him I was just going to get his phone and take a picture of some things inside the restaurant. Since he was standing there, I thought we were leaving. But then he suggested that we have dessert. So we sat back down, and looked at the menu, only to realize we were too full! So we thought we'd take a walk downtown and look at the Devonian Gardens and see if they were a good reception site. They're really nice, but a little too small in the seating area to have dinner AND dance. James said he was feeling a little tired, so I said I'd drive us home. We headed back across Prince's Island towards the car, but James wanted to take a walk around the island. NOW I'm a little suspicious, since he told me he was tired. After walking around for awhile, with no specific destination in sight, I figured I was wrong again. So when James stopped to take a picture of downtown from the path (a completely normal thing for him to do), I took a look around and spotted a park bench by the river. So I got James to follow me over to it. After sitting there for a little while, he said "Oh, wait a minute!" He started to reach into his pocket, and all of a sudden he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes, didn't even look at the ring in the box until after! And my ring is just right for me! It's totally ME.

So there you go. Oh, and we had a lovely two weeks in England. It was so good to see him again, and meet all his family finally! And we went for Paris for two days and had a great time there, eating pastries, walking a lot, seeing some of the sights, and enjoying each other's company. For more info, visit James' website.

I've decided since all of you out there are so good at blogging, I'll just have to include little bits of the mundane in my blog as well! And if you put little remarks on my site, I'll be sure to respond a little bit more!

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