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April 26th 2005, 5:25pm

The past five and a half weeks have flown by. After waiting months to hear whether or not I had a ship, I received a phone call and an e-mail telling me that I finally had a ship! Not only that, but I had a mere ten days to get all my stuff together! I quickly registered for a first aid course that weekend, and began organizing myself, looking for flights and all that. The days passed quickly, and before I knew it, I was flying down to Vancouver on March 17th. I spent a couple of days with family friends, and they drove me to Seattle to catch my flight to Miami via Chicago. I actually flew first class for the first time in my life! Oddly enough, when I had searched for flights, that had been the cheapest one, and the first leg to Chicago was first class. But I still think I'd like to try flying first class with Air Malaysia sometime! ;) I got my own little movie player (I watched The Incredibles and ER), and endless drinks and a lovely beef dinner. Sooo nice. And that little bit of extra leg room. Which I need, being long legged. My flight to Miami was not as plush, but since I had music on my new laptop to amuse me, I did alright.

When I arrived in Miami, I phoned the hotel Carnival had arranged my stay with. Strangely enough, they had no record of my being registered with them! So I grew slightly frustrated, wondering if it was perhaps just the fact that the guy on the other end seemed to have English as a second language, and not that strong a grasp of it... So I puzzled over it for a moment, phoned again, received the same response, phoned home collect to see if Carnival had changed my destination or anything, but no, it was the same (although Dad had me slightly panicked with his mention of a message he'd heard, but it turned out to be one that I'd heard before I left and was a week old!). So I decided to head to the hotel regardless, and see if I could work things out. Oh, and keep in mind, it is spring break in Miami. There is NOTHING available for rooms. So I head to the hotel, and find my name on a list Carnival has there, with my ship beside it, but no airplane tickets, and no room. So I'm told to head to another hotel, the Comfort Inn. I wait around for a half hour for another shuttle to come around, and finally make it to bed. Three hours later, I'm headed back out the door to catch my flight to Houston. I slept on the shuttle to the airport, in the waiting area in the airport, on the plane, and on the bus to Galveston from Houston. So by now I am one tired cookie and not even on the ship.

I got onboard, and found not one person from my department had showed up to greet me! Luckily one of the girls who had arrived with me was on her fourth contract and was a great help. She helped me find my room, and we grabbed a bite to eat. I had one roommate for the first few weeks, Anna, then she was transfered to another ship, and now I'm bunked with a girl from Belarus who most of my co-workers want to strangle... But then again, we'll be getting a lot of new girls soon in our department, most of the girls are at the end of their contract, so my roommate situation will change again. Ah, ship life! ;) It's been good so far. I work with two Canadians, Lori from Halifax, and Shana from Moosejaw, four girls from the Philipines, Lani, Dani, Frances and Rhoda, three girls from South Africa, Ilze, Jo(-Anne) and Haley, Jael from Mexico, and my boss Wendy from Texas. So now if I mention names you guys will recognize the names! Oh, and my roommate, Volha. From Belarus. Oops... ;)

I'm working as a youth counselor (basically like being a camp counselor at a non-Christian summer camp) onboard the Carnival Elation. We sail a seven day cruise. Which means we leave Galveston, Texas (here's a link for a webcam) on Sunday, sail all day Monday, arrive in Progresso, Mexico on Tuesday morning, leave there in the afternoon and sail onwards. We arrive in Cozumel, Mexico (webcam link) Wednesday morning, stay there until 5 or so, and then steam on to Belize City, which we reach Thursday morning. Then Thursday afternoon we head back to Galveston, which we reach Sunday morning. Meanwhile, we entertain little kiddies all the while (unless you have a nice schedule and can get off at any of those places!). Sometimes they're great, and some are little sugar wired monster kids, but mostly they're fun... Keeps your energy working, though!

I'm keeping busy working, sleeping, eating, socializing, e-mailing, and even exercising! Lori and I go workout together. It's nice to be getting back in shape... Now I just have to stay that way! Oi. I've been lucky enough to have nice schedules and see a bit of each port. Jael has taken me around Cozumel a bit, we go find REAL Mexican places to eat REAL Mexican food. Yuummmmmmmyy!!!! Now I just have to learn what all those things are called!!! ;) But you guys know me! I like my ethnic food. So every chance I get, I'm munching on tacos or something like that. And e-mailing onboard is not so cheap, so apologies if it sometimes takes me awhile to get back to people. I work split shifts, so I generally will get an hour here, and an hour there between work to eat or sleep or shower, and if I'm lucky I e-mail, too! But do drop a line, and I'll get back to you!

I have a six month contract, that's 26 weeks, and luckily did NOT follow Mummy dearest's advice to get a new passport, so they can't extend it longer than one week! So I shall be off the ship sometime between the 18th and 25th of September to my calculations. My passport expires the 3rd of October. But I probably can't get stamps for Mexico or Belize, which is sad. :( Maybe I can finaggle it somehow... By the way, what all that means is that I'll be in S'toon in the fall! Which is exciting! And James will follow suit soon afterwards. Hurrah! (BTW, for those interested, we're six months together now, and have seen each other a mere two weeks during that time. Long distance, what fun!)

Oh, and one more thing. Aren't you all so very impressed with me, I've learned to paragraph! Shocking, I know! But I don't want to blind all of you!

Love you lots and see you 'round!

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Comment posted by Danielle Garces at 5:25pm on April 26th 2005

Ei girlfriend, Danie here- i hope you still remember me...

Nice webpage and my name was mentioned..

So how's elation? Are you having a great time?

I have a good time here back home. Last week Frances and I watched a movie and had coffee.. It feels nice to see eachother often. We were always reminiscing the old times.. Hehe.. The bloopers, the songs and cabin 182..

I just feel bad when i remember TOmasz. Everything is over between us and i don't have any idea why.. I am so stupid to be in love in a damn jerk. But I am slowly moving on.

I learned my lesson in a hard way. hehehehehe!! So much for that bastard..

I will be signing on at Holiday on June 30.. they changed my previous LOE in Miracle.. but its okay.

I hope I could still see you.. I will be backpacking in Europe and I will visit you and your hubby, okay?

See you soon. I miss you and Mr. Bluebird..

Comment posted by Samantha Reagan at 5:25pm on April 26th 2005

Hey Girl!! I had a blast with you on the ship! You mad me feel not soo shy when you were around! You are the best!! Have fun with you other Cruises! E-Mail me anytime!


Comment posted by Helga at 5:25pm on April 26th 2005

It is crazy how ships are you better email me soon this site is great 2 weeks then I go back on the ships.

Keep it up

Comment posted by Janelle at 5:25pm on April 26th 2005

hi nom! it's awesome to see that you are making the most of life! i'm excited to catch up on all of your travels & experiences! can't wait to see you in S'toon! love ya.

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