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Valentine's Day approaches

February 5th 2009, 6:23pm

December and January have passed us by and I spent an awful lot of that time fighting off a cold. I've been cold free for about a week and a half twice now (once over Christmas break, and once just a few days ago), but it keeps coming back. I've been really lucky to have a great pregnancy so far, no morning sickness, just a bit of tiredness in the first trimester. If only I could lose this horrid cold for good, I'd feel fantastic! Please pray that it leaves me soon and doesn't come back.

Stiggy is nice and healthy, with a strong heartbeat, and equally strong kicks and punches. I think he/she is practising karate in the womb or something. The kicks are so strong now at 25 weeks, I can see my bump move out where the little foot is hitting. So strange and cool all at once!

I can't believe it's February already! There's so much to do before this kid arrives on the scene and I know the time is going to fly by even faster. I still have to do the following before the end of March (this is my sensible deadline which gives me a leetle room):

James and I (mostly me, I admit, I've had fun doing it!) have been researching which items to go with for our baby. We finally found the pushchair we've been looking for and it turned out to be nearby! I'd only found it in cities two hours away, but James found it in a great shop within a half hour's drive! After playing with it for a while, trying it out with the car seat we like, we decided we'd finally settled on THE pushchair for us. So the Phil & Ted's Dash it is. It'll allow us to put a second seat on when we have kids #2-4 added to our little family eventually. And it'll work with the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix car seat we like. I have so many facts about baby gear in my head, I think they're starting to squeeze out other things, like small words, so I can't remember them! I think James gets a kick out of the fact that I know more about most of the pushchairs we've looked at than the salespeople.

My latest (and I think biggest AND most difficult) choice is which cloth nappy/diaper to use. A little over a year ago, you wouldn't have convinced me to go cloth. My memories of cloth nappies/diapers are of square, bulky, leaky, thick pieces of cloth that were not fun to change (I once babysat for a family who used them, it was not pleasant...) and you had to fold them oddly. Why would I go with that option when there are disposables? But then some Brit friends showed me their cloth nappies. They were shaped and colourful and didn't have to have big crinkly plastic liners over them. Hmmmm. Maybe they were an option after all! Then I discovered you could get flushable papery liners to make cleaning the poo off far easier! Hurrah! So now, I've got it narrowed down to the fact that I want to use an all-in-one, birth to potty nappy/diaper. I'd really like is to have my choice selected and ready in advance. So far, I've found the following nappies/diapers:

I've decided not to go with FuzziBunz, a friend tried these who has Bumgenius nappies/diapers, and wasn't at all impressed. The Mommy's Touch AIO Snap and Mommy's Touch AIO Touchtape seem like a possibility, but lack the range of sizes the others seem to offer. If any of you guys who read this have any idea of what I'm talking about and can help me out knowing what to go with, please do!

I get a week off the week after Valentine's Day (we're going to a wedding that day!), so I'll be busy building that changing table. Hopefully I can have some photos of it to post soon afterwards! Then I'll tackle the quilt. If you're not on facebook and haven't seen any of the pics of Stiggy or the bump that I've posted there, please let me know and I'll put photos on here. For now, adios from me and my bump!

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Comment posted by Helen Brown at 6:23pm on February 5th 2009

Hi, I only just read this post today - 31st March - I see you haven't done any of your things off your list... Good job you're on leave from now eh?! Hx

Comment posted by ang at 6:23pm on February 5th 2009

I love that you have almost a whole post on nappies! Yay new babies :) And new moms.

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