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Weeks Two & Three with Mater and Pater

July 25th 2008, 11:31pm

After puttering about Comrie for a day, we headed up over Loch Ness (stopping for a few snaps with the loch, Nessie and the castle) to Eilean Donan Castle. We had lovely sunny weather on the way up and we were greeting with a smattering of rain. We took a wee trip over the bridge to Skye briefly while in search of supper, which seems to have given Mom and Dad the bug for returning to Skye in particular, and Scotland in general.

The next day we jumped in the car nice and early to get to Fort William. We were hoping to catch a ride on the Jacobite train (the one used in Harry Potter), but all the tickets were sold several days in advance. So we decided to "race" the train to the viaduct to get pictures of the train crossing it. It looked so cool, with the billowing clouds of smoke trailing after it.

We spent another two nights at Comrie Croft. After all our nice weather, we had the rain come down on us right before we hit the hay on our last night there. We packed all our gear up in the morning, some of it slightly damp, and made our way back to Cov.

We decided to rest on Friday, as there were gales forcasted for Snowdon, where we were meant to be going. Instead we went to Leicester and met our new niece, and had a brief visit with James' parents. Amelie is so sweet and tiny and such a lovely quiet baby! It will be fun to watch her get bigger.

Saturday we headed to Kidderminster to take the Severn Valley Railway. We got to see several steam trains and rode on four of them. I think we may have to do that more often, it was a lot of fun! Mom and Dad certainly seemed to enjoy the chugging along.

Sunday came with good weather and we were on our way to Snowdon. We decided to take the Pyg track up to the top. What a hike! All the stone stairs that there are to climb - I'm not sure whether they make it easier or not! When we got the top, the wind was blowing something fierce, so James and I headed down to the Snowdon Mountain Railway to take the train down, while Dad went for the very summit and Mom waited for him. They ended up hiking down, with a brief stop at a tea shop while we took the easy way down! Our bunkhouse for the night was a total dive, but luckily Mom and Dad had chatted with the tea shop guy a fair bit, and he suggested a nicer bunkhouse, which turned out well.

We had a relaxed day Monday, and two fantastically busy days in London on Tuesday and Wednesday. We saw Tower Hill, Tower Bridge (it even opened while we were looking at it), the changing of the Guard, St James' Palace, Buckingham Palace, the Horse Guard, 10 Downing, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, Charing Cross Road, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Soho, and plenty of statues! Thursday we dropped Mom and Dad off at the docks in Dover to catch the ferry, stopped in Sandwich for a sandwich (really good ones, too!) and made our way back home. Today I was back to work, and thank goodness for the weekend ahead! I think I shall have a good lie-in!

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