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Week 1 With The Parentals

July 12th 2008, 8:51pm

Sunday we drove down to Gatwick to pick up my mom and dad from the airport. After driving past Windsor Castle, many "Oh my goodness"es and"Wow!"s later, we finally arrived back in Coventry. James and I spent Monday at work, while Mom and Dad puttered around Coventry, showing themselves the sights at their own pace. Probably a good option, since we've kept them going since! :)

Monday morning, we piled all our gear and ourselves into the car and headed north. We drove up into Derbyshire to see Chatsworth House. Chatsworth what, I hear you say? Well, if you've seen what my sister-in-law refers to as "the cheesy North American ending" of Pride & Prejudice, with Kiera Knightley, it's the house they used as Pemberley for that scene. Very cool gardens, and an AMAZING house! Next time you're looking for a good stately home to visit, try this one, it's the bomb. Then we piled back into the car and made our way to the very wet and rainy Lake District.

We woke up Tuesday morning, all of us feeling a bit tired after pitching our tents on fairly slopy ground, having dug our toes in to stop ourselves from sliding out the front of our tents all night. The rain lifted for most of the day, and we took Mom and Dad over to Hill Top to check out Beatrix Potter's house. We enjoyed sitting in front of the fire at a nearby pub, as we'd been there last year with Sharon. After a short "walk" we went to Bowness-on-Windermere, had some pasties, chilled on the lakefront, and bought a couple of waterproof jackets for James and I so we could stay dry. Good thing, too, because when we got back to the tents, it started raining again.

After a bit of a later start on Wednesday morning, we took the very scenic tour to Ennerdale where we managed to pitch our damp tents in only a spatter of rain. A nice pub lunch later, all fueled up, we hiked up to Crag Fell to look around the area and got a gorgeous view for our troubles just as the clouds cleared from the summit.

Thursday morning, Dad woke us up at 6:11 a.m. (I kid you not - and this is a holiday!!!) and we drove from the east coast of England to the west coast, and just to see some birds. Not just any birds, though. Puffins. They are so great!! We made really good time getting there, and managed to get on a tour boat one hour earlier than we planned. There were lots more puffins on Inner Farne than we had seen on Skomer, just because we were there at the right time this year! But the ride out around the islands was a bit rough - not too bad, but for people who aren't used to the open ocean, not so nice - and one woman had to make a dash for the side. We had a great time taking pictures of the shags and cormorants and razorbills and puffins, I just wish we could have spent more than an hour there. We got back to Seahouses, topped up our baking, and got back on the road towards Comrie. Which is where we are now!

We're kicking back, enjoying being back at Comrie Croft, chatting with Andrew. He's really done a lot to this place, it's fantastic, and his campground is like a Canadian campsite, which is rare over here! We get to meet his little son, Harris tonight, who's only 5 months old! And we have a niece to meet when we get home, whose name we don't even know yet!

Hopefully this kickstarts me on a new blogging run. Hope you like the new design. There are still changes to come, but I wanted to at least get something up and running!

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