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A rose by any other name...

May 30th 2007, 6:29pm

So we have a couple of ideas for our wedding photography business. One we got by putting "Naomi and James" or "James and Naomi" (I forget which order, but it doesn't matter, really) into an anagram creator, and one of the ones it came up with was "A Nomad Jasmine", which we both like. So we'd call our business Nomad Jasmine Photography if we went for that. Our small group also came up with Maple Tea Photography, which isn't bad either. What do all of you think?

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Comment posted by Kristina at 6:29pm on May 30th 2007

I like the Nomad Jasmine option. It's personalized and unique. Maple Tea just makes me think Canadian supper!

Comment posted by Mom at 6:29pm on May 30th 2007

I like Nomad Jasmine - Nomad reminds me of how you both love travelling!

Comment posted by at 6:29pm on May 30th 2007

I was glancing at James' blog and I noticed you are slippin down the list;) I like the name.

Comment posted by Ellen at 6:29pm on May 30th 2007

That sounds like a great name! I saw you posted on my blog, i have no idea why it won't let anyone comment on any other posts. And I loved the Hoff website! :)

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