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Dreary weather for the weekend

May 27th 2007, 6:00pm

I don't really have anything to write about at the moment. Work is, well, work. Sometimes I wish that I could shut off portions of my brain, or be satisfied with any old job. As one of my co-workers keeps reminding me, using your brain is dangerous! After all, we're all just a bunch of lemmings to certain people, aren't we? But alas, I enjoy using my brain! If you don't use it, you lose it, right? ;) At least I have a job, and it pays the bills. Just keep thinking of being able to build that house...

While most of my friends will be enjoying time with their husbands and friends tomorrow for the bank holiday, I shall be at work, even though Mondays are usually MINE. Normally I get Sunday Monday off, but the powers that be have decided I shall work tomorrow. Bleh. My one consolation is that the weather is dreary. Rain, rain, rain. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy rain. I love the sound of the raindrops hitting the window, watching the drops trickle down the glass and merge into one another. I love the smell you get when the first bit of rain begins to hit the dry ground, that marvellous smell of damp dust. But I can't enjoy it when I'm at work. No windows to gaze out of... So at least I'm not missing a gorgeous day of sunshine with my sweetheart.

We made a short video some time ago of a very foggy afternoon when we were out driving, and thought we'd put music to it and put it on YouTube. If you want to go for a VERY brief English drive with us, come along (at least virtually!).

If you'd like to go for more interesting drives, let us know!

On a funny note, a friend of ours had us over for dinner and a movie, and we were all laughing at his cat. It was raining out, and Humphrey would go outside through his cat door, but once he was outside, he seemed to forget how he'd gotten there...

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Comment posted by Kristina at 6:00pm on May 27th 2007

I love the driving video! It's short but you guys did a really good job! Great that you started in the traffic circle. Makes me remember being there a year ago. Oh Great Britain!!

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