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May 9th 2007, 2:48pm

In my negligence this past while, I've failed to post congrats to some friends whose additions to their families have finally arrived!

Karsten and Jackie had a little boy, Rylan. Rebekah and Trevor had a little boy, Isaiah. And it seems, although I have seen no official notice, that Drew and Andrea have a baby named Aiden. No idea yet whether they had a little boy or girl, though! I've only seen the name mentioned on facebook by someone I don't know... Update on that, they just posted to their blog, and they had a little boy, full name Aiden Christopher John Padgett.

In other news, James and I got outside on Sunday in the afternoon and planted our vegetable garden. There's a neighbourhood cat who keeps pooping in our garden, and we wanted to avoid him digging up all our freshly planted seeds, so we hung James' old mosquito net (from when he was in Kenya) over the garden and pegged it down. So far it seems to be working. I can't wait to have fresh vegetables from our own garden this summer! It will be so nice! We've planted peas and beans and carrots and beets and radishes and kohl rabi and spinach and red lettuce and cos lettuce. And we've still got to plant the corn! And the cucumbers! Oi!

I know I've mentioned the local market before, or at least the fact that I shop there. It really is the highlight of my week. Being able to wander around, look at the stalls, actually hold a small coversation with the vendors while you buy your fruit and veg. It's just so much more fun that buying it at the supermarket. Not only that, but there are strange vegetables there that you don't always see in Sainsbury's or Superstore. Things like bitter gourd (which is spiky and green), or calabash or lots of things I don't know the names for! James and I are going to start buying things that we don't know how to use, and figure out how to use them. I've been using aubergine (eggplant) in a few dishes, and although I'm not really keen on the texture of it, it does add a nice flavour and goes well in sauces. I've got a great hot dip idea, but I want to try it before I give it to you guys! So I'll try and take some pictures of some of the strange things we discover in our shopping trips. If you know of a strange fruit or vegetable we should try, let me know!

We were told by a friend that if I was really looking for good ingredients for asian food, I should go to Foleshill (pronounce Foes-l)Road. So James and I headed up there on Monday, since the market was closed for the bank holiday. My best find there (although we found one shop we will be frequenting frequently) was Limca! Finally, I can get my favourite Indian softdrink here in Coventry!

Afterwards, we went to a birthday barbeque for our friend Rollo. I got to meet a few more friends of James', and we all had a good time stuffing our faces. Sam, your brownies are way too good... But I wouldn't complain if you ever needed to get rid of some! ;)

I've noticed a lot of people are on facebook. It's nice to get in touch with people from high school you haven't seen for years! Or people you just don't get a chance to see as often as you may like. So thanks to whoever actually got me to sign up.

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