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Our Weekend Getaway

May 1st 2007, 12:03am

I know I haven't blogged much. Bad me, I know. But I won't fill you in on everything I've been up to. Not at the moment, at least, I'm too sleepy!

I've been working a fair bit of late ending shifts at work lately, and most Saturdays, so I haven't seen James too much this month. We arranged for me to have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off this weekend, and for James to take Monday as well. Then all we had to do was decide where to get away to!

James remembered that I'd mentioned the puffins come back to Skomer Island in Wales mid-April, so he suggested we go to Pembrokeshire for the weekend. After a ponder over whether to go there or Cornwall, (and advice from friends saying to go with Wales), we chose Pembrokeshire. Of course, in classic Naomi and James fashion, we booked our B&B last minute, and found a nice farmhouse to stay at.

I love Pembrokeshire!!!

We saw puffins (I think God must have made them for entertainment value alone, they are hilarious little birds!), and grey seals and common porpoises and a bunch of other birds. I even saw my first cormorants! But the big highlight of the trip was the puffins!

I'm not so full of facts of the weekend at this point, I'm pretty tired. But you can read James' blog for all the brainy bits and details. Me, I'm going to bed!

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