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February 24th 2007, 10:36pm

Since James' new job has supplied him with a new laptop, we're going to use his old laptop and desktop computers to conglomerate our music collections. We'll be able to access our music without having them take up all the space they currently do on our own computers. While looking for some album covers, I found a website that shows the worst album covers ever. These two were the funniest and strangest. Actually, the one with the chick is disturbing. But interesting at the same time, that some one would think that was a good album cover...

Tuesday was Pancake Day. AKA Shrove Tuesday. All I know is we get to eat pancakes, which are actually crepes. So we went to Chris and Helen's place, brought a few toppings of our own (strawberries & vanilla ice cream, canned peaches with whipped cream and a chicken/mushroom/bacon mix with a lovely pesto cream sauce), and I made blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce as well. Mmmmm. Pancakes!

As well, my sister Aubrey sent me a funny email with things that students have written on exam papers, which made James and I look at British versions of the same thing, which are also appalling and hilarious. Makes you contemplate home schooling!

We went to a concert Thursday night (after raiding the penny jar and amassing 6 quid worth of tuppence and pennies) featuring our friends from our weekly Monday pub quiz, l-r: Matt, Badgerman, Dave and Tim, otherwise known as [dweeb]. Well, Dave is the one from the band who comes out most often, with Tim taking second place in attendance! Michael, Chris and Helen round off Jeremy & the Paxmen, and we have a great time. But I'm getting sidetracked. The concert was a lot of fun, the boys are crazy! If you want to check them out, they've got loads of gigs coming up... That is, if you're in the UK!

Exciting news for me is my new job! I found out this morning that I DEFINITELY have the Senior Tent Sales job at GO Outdoors, which is really exciting. Mainly because I have a job, finally, but also because I really think this is a job I'll enjoy! And I start Monday! YAY!!!!!

Our Saturday started off fairly normal. We watched CSI and ER, went to the market to pick up veg for the week, and came back home to tidy up. I walked back down to Chris and Helen's to pick up my measuring cup (I'd left it there after pancake night. I'd just left their place when Chris shouted for me to come back. James was on the phone and had sliced his hand open. He was washing a glass, and a piece fell off of it, and he opened a nice gash in his hand. So I had to drive him to the hospital, tackling the ring road for the first time! We got there, and a film crew spotted James with a tea towel wrapped about his hand, and they thought he looked interesting. They were doing a segment on Accident & Emergency wards and the care you receive, all that. So we said they could film us, and they did a few spots with us; a bit to say why we were in the ER, they recorded when we went into triage (I couldn't look at the cut much, it made me queasy!), before the doctor came to stitch James up, and after we had been helped. We were there for about 4.5 hours. So right now I'm very hungry, and I still have to tidy. And all by myself now, too! Boo hoo! He got five stitches, which can't get wet, and he has to get them taken out in a week. But on the plus side, we got to see an x-ray of his hand!

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Comment posted by Sherry at 10:36pm on February 24th 2007

Don't you just live the enchanted life. Married, starring in movies, woo, Britain has it all. Congrats on the job. Sorry you are a loner for dishes, but at least it's just the 2 of you and not eight kids:)

Comment posted by Nomi at 10:36pm on February 24th 2007

Yes, Palmer. Our lives are just drama, drama, drama! I'm all for NOT having to go to the hospital again. Luckily James wasn't seriously injured! I wouldn't have known how to get to the hospital from our place if he hadn't been able to look at the map while I drove. Eek! And I am thankful that it's just us, dishes wise! Except we're having company today, a couple from church and their two kids... :D

Oh, and the picture of the x-ray? That's REALLY James' hand. If you look closely you'll see a pointer (like the one on a computer) in one place. They were looking to make sure he didn't have glass in the cut. I was teasing him that he's on his computer so much that his bones have mouse pointer marks growing into them! :D

Comment posted by Sharon at 10:36pm on February 24th 2007

I guess you can't say your life is boring....!

Congrats on the job!

Comment posted by ang at 10:36pm on February 24th 2007

The grammatical incorrectness of the Swede album makes me cringe. I have a thing for grammar :)

Comment posted by Paul at 10:36pm on February 24th 2007

Hey Nomi, though I'd add a comment to your blog too! The Beast is an '85 GTI 1.8 8v... it was pretty gutless, but that was due to the timing being out on my that adjusted as well as lowered the car 40mm all around. I also got some sebring alloys for it. I'll be painting those black and once I get a summer out of the tires I got with the rims, I'll use them as winters and get something really nice for the summer! I should link up your blog on mine and vice versa! Later!


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