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Valentines Day and beyond!

February 19th 2007, 3:15pm

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everyone!

I hope you had an enjoyable day on the 14th. It was nice for James and I to actually be in the same place for the first time for Valentine's Day! Prior to this year, he's been in England while I've either been in Prince George or Calgary. So it was nice to have our first married Valentines Day and our first Valentine's Day together! He brought me home lilies, which I love, and the smell of them is still filling the room. Oh, and a nice card, too! We spent the evening in with a nice curry, a lovely bottle of wine and watched Sabrina (the original with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, don't bother with the Harrison Ford remake!). Ah... So nice and relaxing and romantic!

I had dropped off my CV this past week at a few places (Curriculum Vitae, it's what they call resumes over here), and got a call on Thursday from a local outdoors store that they wanted me for an interview. By the sounds of it, I've got the job, I'm just waiting for the call back! James is happy, cause he wouldn't mind me getting a discount! ;) So pray that I get the job! By the sounds of things, I'd have a good shot at moving up the ladder, too. :D

Last, but not least, congratulations to Andrew and Sara on the arrival of Elizabeth Gabriella Dawn on Saturday morning! I can't wait to see pictures!

I've also done some updates on my site, if it has escaped you. There is now a page for recipes. I'll try and add new things that James and I come up with, or if you have requests for a dish I used to make for you, please ask. Let me know if you'd like to add recipes as well, it requires a username and password that I can provide for you. I'd love to exchange some dishes with you! As well, I've added a page with links to various friends' and aquaintances' blogs and websites. You get there by clicking on either Asterix & Obelix, Tintin & Snowy or Calvin & Hobbes. There are also baby tickers there to keep track of who's due when! Who's next to be added?

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