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Our very own blizzard?

February 8th 2007, 9:48pm

Well, we had the "heavy snow" land on our front door today. We woke up to soft snowflakes drifting down to the ground. Since snow tires aren't found over here, James, Chris & Ralph were thinking it likely they'd work from home. Alas, Rollo has a Skoda with traction control, so off to work went Rollo, James and Chris. Ralph managed to stay at home somehow! I stayed nice and cozy in my bed after peeking out at the snow. Helen gave me a call around 10, and we went into town shortly after. We went shopping for clothes for her, and I picked up some great DVDs (exchanges are lovely things!). Then we walked over to the old cathedral, were there was this cute little squirrel. He was dashing about, trying to find seeds that had been buried under the snow. So I put an animation together with some of the pictures I took of it! It made me smile, hope it brightens your day too! Oh, and the "heavy snow" was about TWO INCHES!!!!

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Comment posted by sharon at 9:48pm on February 8th 2007

It's all relative, eh? Right now the prairies are in the middle of a deep freeze--it's been in the low -20's (but with windchill, it's been between -30 and -40) for over a week now.

You know you miss it.

Comment posted by Sherry at 9:48pm on February 8th 2007

I love hearing about the mundane things of your life. It is so exoctic knowing that it is occuring in England! I get to paint my house this week I will take some before and after pictures for you.

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