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A&W Rootbeer

February 7th 2007, 9:47pm

Yesterday we drove up to Derby (pronounced Darby) to check out their A&W. James was looking them up on the net before we went up, and we found out that A&W in Canada is a separately owned company than the one in the rest of the world. We both had Deluxe Double Bacon Burgers (they didn't have Mozza burgers or Teen or Grandpa or Mama or Papa or Baby burgers) with fries (which I think were KFC fries, not A&W, since they're in the same restaurant) and onion rings (which didn't taste quite like A&W) and ROOT BEER!!! Which of course was our whole reason for going! And it was bottomless, with a tap you could pour yourself. AND there was a jukebox with free plays!!!!

We had a fun time driving home. We even stopped off at the Peak Rails train station, but it was empty. Unlocked, but empty. Strange. We were wondering if the train was locked up, which it was, but luckily the bathrooms were open! Oh, one more thing. We have a heavy snow warning for tomorrow. When I asked James what the definition of heavy was (this is a genuine British weather warning, not something he or I have made up!), he showed me...'s a whopping 10-15cm!!!! Not exactly equivalent to the blizzard Saskatoon was hit with, but the roads will still be crazy over here. No one has snow tires!

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