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Lost, lost, lost!

February 2nd 2007, 7:24pm

I just realized today that my RSS feed reader has not been working properly for some time. I realized this because I was talking to Ang Fast, and was looking at her blog later, and there were items that I didn't know about. Hmmm. The perusal of several sites ensued, and I realized I had fallen sadly behind in many of your lives! So I've been reading this afternoon and have enjoyed catching up on what you've been up to. AND I found some people I hadn't heard anything about for a while.

Oh, along those lines, if anyone is in touch with Rod & Janelle, can you let her know that I need a password so I can keep in touch with her? I don't have an email address for that girl!

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Comment posted by sharon at 7:24pm on February 2nd 2007

Hey there--I here you about being out of the blogging loop! Anyways, here's the email that janelle left on my blog: (I removed it for Janelle's privacy! Thanks Sharon!)

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