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To market, to market

January 27th 2007, 3:59pm

Steenie wants me to blog about the mundane. So I shall try!

Since we're trying to save money, we've been looking on various websites, getting hints on how to save money. A lot of them are things we already do. One of the things we thought we'd try to do a little more of is shop at different places. So Thursday night we found a website that compares different supermarket prices, and it turns out that overall, the supermarket we use IS cheaper. Which is good, because we thought it was! But we decided we'd see what the local market has to offer. Good thing we did! We got a backpack of groceries for about 7.50. And it was fun! We found out which produce stall is generally the cheapest, which fishmonger is the most affordable and has the freshest fish, and which meat to buy from the butchers.

Oh, in case you're wondering, Sainsbury's is the cheapest overall (if you're comparing own brand, not name brand), with a few items at Tesco's and Asda's coming in cheaper. Check out Sorry, Brits only! But I'd imagine there's a Canadian site somewhere that does the same thing.

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Comment posted by Rebekah at 3:59pm on January 27th 2007

Did you ever imagine your life would take you to where you are now? you are full of adventure so i am glad your marriage will bring you some adventure of your own. Saving Money...we just started giving each other $25 as allowence to have each month. Then we save for bigger things. Saving is fun.

Comment posted by Kristina at 3:59pm on January 27th 2007

See? That was easy! And it gives us glimpse at life in the land of the Brits! I'm thinking as I read I spend way more on groceries that you do! Coop had a fabulous warehouse sale and oh boy! Not good! (But on the up side I won't have to do serious grocery shopping for a few months!)

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