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October 24th 2006, 3:25pm

I envy my husband one thing right now...

A fast internet connection while he's at work! Right now we only have dial-up, so my blogging has been sparse at best. For all of you who read this once in a while to see if I've bothered to type anything in, here's a little something. (Oh, and if you have a blog of your own, I do keep an eye on everyone's blogs, but my limited internet has stopped me from responding much. Apologies!)

The last three weeks have flown by. Amazingly enough, that's how long I've been in England. Shocking, innit? And the vocabulary is coming back. Of course, there are discussions as to pronounciation (I maintain there is an audible difference between "car" and "Ka" as in Ford Ka!) and I've discovered how to pronounce British place names. Just remove a third of the letters, and you've probably got it! Leicester is Lester, Gloucester is Gloster, car is ca... Sorry, I just couldn't resist. James says we drop letters too. I explained that we don't, we just pronounce them differently because of the French influence. Herbs are erbs for instance. I may lose the battle on that one, but I shan't surrender! HA!

Um, yes, so where was I? Ah, being in Britain. I've been meeting quite a few of James' friends, but haven't met them all yet. Several of them have had us over for a meal as well, so that's been nice (tasty, too!). I'm really looking forward to returning the favour. Which I'll soon be able to do, but more on that later!

I haven't had the type of adventures I usually would when travelling, since this is my new home. But I have had an interesting thing or two.

When I received my visa, I was told in the letter that I needed to get a National Insurance number once I arrived in the UK. So I looked on the internet to see who to call in Coventry to get it. On the webpage for those who need to apply for an NI number it said:

If you are applying for assistance for you or for your partner, please contact your nearest JobCentre.

If you are looking for work, starting to work, are self-employed (and one other thing I forget), phone this number.

I phoned the number. When I finally got through the phone queue, the woman asked me why I was calling. To get an NI number, I replied.

To this she asked me why I needed an NI number. I have recently moved to the UK and do not have one and need one, I replied.

Are you currently working?, she asked. No, I need a number so that I can work, said I.

Are you seeking work?, she asked. I thought to myself, What part of this is she not understanding? The letter told me to get a number, I need a number to work, I cannot get work without a number, she should know this, she works here!. Instead I calmly said, No, I have not yet begun to search for work, I was under the understanding that I could not work without an NI number.

Oh, no, she told me, you can work without an NI number. Oh, thank you! I responded

Would you like to book the appointment to get your NI number now?, she asked. I was about to reply yes when she told me that in the interview they would ask for a few things. They would want proof that I was searching for work. Such proof would be two letters. They could state either I was rejected or invited for an interview. And a proof of address, such as a bill or rental agreement. So I said I would book the appointment at a later date.

Now the second is easy enough to provide. But in Canada, the first thing is only requested of people going on welfare. And considering that the number I called was a JobCentre call centre, I was wondering if she had been confused as to why I needed the number. Perhaps she thought I was seeking welfare? (Which I'm not, and couldn't, even if I wanted to, my visa doesn't allow it!). I spoke to several Brits about the call, and they all agreed it was odd and perhaps she had been confused. So I'm planning to go in to a JobCentre personally to make sure I can talk to someone face-to-face. One girl I talked to said that her workplace won't even accept applications if the individual doesn't have an NI number. And several people have backed that statement. So who knows? I'll update you once I've unravelled the curiousities of British NI numbers!

Now, the news I have to tell you. For those of you who also frequent James' site, this won't be a surprise, he beat me to it with his workplace fast internet! We found a house to live in! I don't have pictures to post, but I will post some once we've moved in, which should be sooner rather than later. We're renting, not buying, but it's in a good area, and has enough space for us, and for guests, too!

It's got a dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, two double rooms (one for us, one for guests) and a loft that doubles as an office and extra guest room. And a decent sized backyard for me to muck about in, which is great!

If you didn't get the hint, that means those of you who feel an inclination to see a bit of Europe would have a place to come stay for at least part of it! We'll have at least two spare beds, and a folding bed as well, so if you are contemplating international travel, let me know! Just give me more than 48hrs notice, okay? :D

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Comment posted by Sherry at 3:25pm on October 24th 2006

What is your new address? In case I want to send a post.

Comment posted by Rach at 3:25pm on October 24th 2006

There's definitely a HUGE difference between a Ka and a car (and its not just in pronunciation - you know how I pronounce that!) Can't wait to get our Polo back!

You know you can always use our broadband here whenever you need to?

Comment posted by karina at 3:25pm on October 24th 2006

happy late birthday darling! celebrate for me :)

Comment posted by at 3:25pm on October 24th 2006

I need pictures. Please post pictures of your home. I beginning to think that James needs to provide for the needs of his young bride and get High speed internet. :) I love you guys. What is your address?

Comment posted by Rebekah at 3:25pm on October 24th 2006

Naomi, you sure have had your share of travels and experiences since Bethany, eh? That's awesome to hear. Glad you found a house. Enjoy making it feel like home.

Comment posted by Sherry at 3:25pm on October 24th 2006

We want pics! we want pics! we want pics!

How is life by the way. Finals are in full swing and i am starting to freak out! I love you!

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