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October 10th 2006, 8:49pm

We're on the prowl for a place of our own. Living with Aunt Rachel is great, but we're eager to get settled in our own little place. We've been out to look at quite a few houses to rent (end of terrace/mid terraces mainly, some semi-detached residences) so far, but nothing has been what we're looking for. Each place has made us say "well, it would be great if only..." and then whatever has been done oddly hadn't been done, or if something we wished it had instead. Which made us think that perhaps we'll try to buy sooner than we'd thought! But for now, we're looking for a house in Coventry to suit our needs in the right area (as James is rather specific about where he'd like us to live in Coventry) and with at least a few of our desired things contained in it. Of course, our shipment won't arrive from Canada for a couple of months! So wish us luck, we're off again tomorrow, and one of them looks GREAT from the outside!

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Comment posted by sharon at 8:49pm on October 10th 2006

Good luck! Can't wait till I get to do my own househunting!

Comment posted by Ellen at 8:49pm on October 10th 2006

Hello, chu! I'm sure you guys will find a great place during all your househunting. So jealous :)

Comment posted by Janelle at 8:49pm on October 10th 2006

good luck with the shopping! house hunting is both fun & frustrating...but you will find something you love - i know it! can't wait to see pics! hugs!!!!!!

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