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Landed Immigrant in Jolly Old England!

October 2nd 2006, 12:12pm

So last you'd heard, we were soon to be off to England via Glasgow. Our things had been packed by Tippet-Richardson (actually, we discovered some things that hadn't been packed before, so had about one more box worth) and we had to pack our clothes.

Wednesday we spent cleaning the apartment and doing our laundry so we could make sure we had everything. James still managed to forget his toothbrush, but that's ok, that's easily replaced! We went out for supper at Palatal with Colin and Aubrey and stuffed ourselves with sushi and tempura and grilled meat. Mmmmm. Grilled meat. Then it was back to the apartment to pack all those nice clean clothes into our bags, weighing said bags, packing more into the same bags, weighing them again. At one point I gave up weighing mine. I knew I was close, figured I'd be over and there was nothing I could do about it, so que sera sera!

The next morning we woke up nice and early, (considering we'd gone to bed at 3am, nine am is early!) and loaded up the van with our things. Each item we had to cross off on our list seemed to take longer than it should have, and our morning was soon eaten up. We went to Shaw to return the modem and I think I had to spend 40 minutes trying to sort out the billing with them. For some reason they figured I owed them $400 because they'd screwed up with the billing and auto payments! I finally got them down to close to the right price, I wasn't wasting anymore time with them for $20 bucks difference! Then we zipped off to Chinook to spend what was left of our wedding gift cards since there are no Sears or Bay stores in England! Four ramikins later (and the duvet cover we'd been trying to get for months being held at Market Mall Bay for us) we were off to my bank to close that account. Luckily that went fast and easy, and James took care of some other errands while I closed the account. Zoom! Off in the car again to pick up the duvet (a bit of a gong show there, trying to find where they'd held the duvet, and then I needed James to pay, what I'd figured out was wrong because I had the wrong amount for the gift card in my brain, so I had to leave it at a customer service counter I thought he could find easily, but then it turned out not easy... Gong show. I really need a gong!) and then it was nearly a direct trip to the airport. We'd called Tippet Richardson ahead of time, so we were able to just dump the remainder of the stuff (including duvet cover and ramikins) at the reception area, and blitz to the airport.

Now, I've been told I have a horseshoe stowed somewhere inside my person, that I have a full-time guardian angel staff (not one, a whole staff), that I'm lucky... Be whatever it may, God was looking out for us again!

We arrived to the airport a half hour later than we should have, and checked all our bags with Zoom. I'm not sure if we confused the lady or if she was just being nice or what, but we checked the following:

*One box of skates each (these are allowed for free, don't count in weight, according to Zoom policy each passenger can have one sports equipment item for free)

*My violin and James' guitar (these are allowed for free, don't count in weight, according to Zoom policy each passenger can have one musical instrument for free)

*My wedding dress in a garment bag (which as per Zoom policy goes for free)

*My green massive luggage as full as it goes and my yellowy orange backpack that has gone all around the world with me. The combination of these two bags came to 29.9 kg, I was allowed 20 kg. We weren't charged for any overweight baggage.

*James' large blue backpack was stuffed to the gunnels, and was around 20.6 kg or so. He wasn't charged for any overweight baggage either!

Oh yeah, and then my carry on was 3.3 kg overweight as well. The fact that I mentioned to the lady we were moving to England and this was everything I owned may have helped her not charging us. All I know is I'm not complaining!!!!

We had to fly to Edmonton first, then to Manchester, then to Glasgow, even though you fly over Glasgow on the way to Manchester. Who am I to question the wisdom of airlines? After picking up our rental car (a Mark V Golf, can you believe it? Golfs are SO our car!) we drove to Crieff, where we had a quick bite, James went for a nap, and I pitched in helping haul bales up to the ceremony site with Andrew and a bunch of other people involved in the wedding. And then the rain came. I was dripping, but I was awake, so I didn't mind! Anything to avoid the jetlag. Finally we got all the bales up to the site and had them all covered in plastic.

James and I drove into Perth to try and buy Malize and Andrew a wedding present (we didn't know where they were registered beforehand, and didn't have luggage allowance to buy it in Canada!) but all the shops were closed, so we made our way to Andrew's parents for drinks and a nibble, as Mrs. Donaldson put it. Somehow we managed to stay awake until 10 pm or so, went back to the hostel and hit the hay.

We woke up next morning to sunshine streaming in our window. It was a beautiful day for the wedding, and they looked very happy together. I think that's the first time I've been to a wedding where I've only met one half of the couple the day before the wedding! I think at least 70% of the men were in kilts. That's a lot of tartan for those of you who haven't been to a Scottish wedding before! After the ceremony everyone milled about drinking champagne while the bride and groom had their photos taken. Then the real party started! Dinner, toasts and the best of all, the ceilidh! James and I got to waltz again, and we tried some of the Scottish dances. It seems like everyone who is Scottish just knows how to do the dances, there aren't really any calling out of instructions or anything! I had a great time, so did James, I think. And Andrew was on the dance floor lots. He even pulled me up on the dance floor for Strip the Willow (Acadian style). That's the dance he had everyone do at our wedding, too. My feet were sore. Concrete is not as forgiving as hardwood, I can tell you! :D

Now we're in Leicester and are heading out soon for Aunt Rachel's house where we'll be staying until we find a place of our own. I'll try to be interesting and post often! Just one question...

Who's coming to visit first?

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Comment posted by sharon at 12:12pm on October 2nd 2006

Glad to hear everything turned out--and yes, I'd say you have a whole ream of guardian angels watching over you! ;)

Who's coming out first? Well, ya just never know.....

Love you!

Comment posted by Rachel Klassen at 12:12pm on October 2nd 2006

Hey Naomi!! Glad to hear moving went well and you're getting all settled and such! We miss you here though! Ellen and I are making sure to keep up calling Gulnara space cadet for ya Lol You'll have to let me know how the job hunt is going, or if it is? Anyways, I should get back to "working" Haha Congratulations again on everything! And Happy Thanksgiving!!

Comment posted by karina at 12:12pm on October 2nd 2006

i'm so glad to hear everything went super. you will have to start posting pictures soon for those of us who are too poor to come see you... :( maybe someday.

Comment posted by Kristina at 12:12pm on October 2nd 2006

Glad to hear you made it safely. I was wondering about you this weekend, wondering if you had gotten the Visa and were over in the UK already. Guess I won't be visiting you in Calgary! You moved too fast! I hope you are able to settle in quickly. I'd like to visit but...we'll see! There are some other parts of the world on my itinerary!

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