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Onwards to England!

September 26th 2006, 9:00pm

For those of you who check out James' blog regularly, this entry won't be a surprise at all. For the rest of you, sorry it's taken me so long to blog this!

We went to visit my parents last week, and a few days into the visit, James checked my email to see if anything had been sent regarding my visa. I awoke to the sound of his feet pounding up the stairs to where we were staying at my parents, and very groggily tried to grasp that he was telling me "You got your visa!". I finally got the idea, and had to tell my mom, who hadn't left for work yet. (I figured she might want to know why my husband was running up the stairs like a crazy man!)

My dad helped us out fixing Oscar, our Golf on Saturday. James, Dad and I were up at 6:00 so we could get going, and James and I didn't get to bed until 1:00. But once we were done, the car now had doors that opened without a rope, a trunk that you could open without climbing into the trunk, nice flares on the front and back, and Dad fixed the seal on the axle so our transmission didn't leak oil.

The next day, we loaded all our stuff in the car, and started leaving Prince George, but Oscar started making clunking noises and popping out of gear about a half hour out of town! So we pulled into a rest stop, where there was no cell reception. Luckily for us, a guy who was out hunting for grouse saw me trying to get reception at the top of the hill, and figured if we were still there (which we were) when he came back, he'd offer us a lift into town. Which he did, and then we called a tow truck to pick up Oscar, and tried to find a way to get to Calgary. Usually, I wouldn't have worried about getting back right away, but the movers were coming at 11:00, and the bus wouldn't get us there on time, the plane cost too much, and it seemed so did a car rental. Luckily, (thank you God again!) Hertz had a minivan we could have for cheap, cheap, cheap! And it wasn't a beat-up van, either, it's really nice with a DVD player in the back and everything! Pretty cool! So we drove all night, arrived in Calgary at 5am, crashed, woke up at 10ish to a call from the movers saying they'd be there in 45 minutes, and started getting things separated in piles. To go, not to go, garbage, to give away, that sort of thing. Most of it was already decided, but we wanted to make sure we had everything!

So the good news:

1) We have our passports back, and mine has a visa in it!

2) Oscar is with Mom and Dad in PG, so Dad might be able to fix all his funny quirks for us (says Mom)

3) Our stuff is packed and will be in England eventually!

4) We can make it to Scotland for Andrew's wedding on Saturday!

5) I have my visa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment posted by karina at 9:00pm on September 26th 2006

wow. you're really doing it! i hope your trip is safe and mostly uneventful but not so uneventful that it's boring. blog lots once you're there with lots of pictures of you and your hubby and your place :)

Comment posted by Rach at 9:00pm on September 26th 2006

Yay! Hurrah! Woohoo! Yippeeeeeeee!!! (and other assorted excited noises!)

See you next week!

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