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Moving to England

September 13th 2006, 4:18pm

So I heard from the British High Commission this morning. They were processing the payment for our visa, but the visa itself has yet to be processed. So please pray that the processing goes quickly, that they give me the visa and don't decline me, and that our original documents and my passport with my new visa get back to us before September 27th!

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Comment posted by Rach at 4:18pm on September 13th 2006

Ooh that's exciting! Still praying....

Half our housegroup are on the other side of the world at the moment! Was it something we said?

Looking forward to meeting you!

Comment posted by Nomi at 4:18pm on September 13th 2006

I'm looking forward to finally meeting you too! Pray like crazy. I got an email saying that they were now processing the visa application, and standard processing is 10 days. Thing is, there is exactly 10 business days between that email and when I need my passport with the visa inside in my sweaty little hand.

Comment posted by Ellen at 4:18pm on September 13th 2006

Hello, chu!

Hope everything works out with your visa!

Looking forward to the par-tay on Tuesday.

Email me back so I know how many peeps you're bringing.

Byeee! :-)

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