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So I wanna know - what's the name of the game?

August 27th 2006, 12:17am

Um, for the non-ABBA fans out there, that's one of their songs. :D

Funny the things you see. We had been out window shopping, me oggling outdoor gear and James drooling over guitars (ok, so I admired some too, especially one nice little bass) and were on our way home when we spotted it. A lady crossing the street with... wait, what is that? It looked like a cross between a stroller and one of those "little old lady" shopping carriers. In the basket of it was a cat. A cat with a harness on it. She was taking her cat for a walk like it was her toddler! How strange is that? What's next? Taking your hamster out for a walk in his ball? We thought it was pretty odd.

Later on that night, while I was snuggling into the covers, we were chatting about the games we used to play when we were kids. Some of them were the same, but with different names. We came up with quite a list of games. Freeze Tag aka Stick in the Mud, Chain Tag, Doctor Dodgeball aka Hot Rice, British Bulldog, Yakaball, Dungeons, Ladders, Rag Hockey, Knives/Forks/Spoons, Blood Rugby, Budge, Doctor Doctor aka Human Knot, Crab Football/Soccer, Blanket in the Dark, Sardines in a Can, Four Squares, Hide and Go Seek aka Free Pod, Football Cricket, What Time is it Mr. Wolf?, and I can't think of any more at the moment... If you don't recognize a name, it's probably because it's British. We'd both be interested in seeing what other games all of you could come up with! In fact, I started getting tired and from a change from the usual, I was ready to fall asleep before him! I actually told him he could keep talking, but I had to close my eyes, they wouldn't stay open any longer. I'm pretty sure I didn't fall asleep while he was talking!

Today we went out in the Golf to find random parts for it. There was one place I'd always see, and so we went there first! Turns out it was the better place to go, since we found replacement headlights, two rain trays to make into one (they're rather fragile things!), two rear speakers, a new headlight switch, a hood rest, the little plastic bits to cover the holes that the rearview mirror adjustors come out of (ours has replaced rearview mirrors that don't use the adjustors, the guy took them out), an ashtray that matches the interior of our car rather than the blue one that's currently in it, new windshield wipers and the whole lot only cost 50 bucks, so that's good. And all of that off of a Jetta and a Golf. Lucky thing, too. As we were taking the last parts we needed, a guy started looking at the Golf, and he was looking for headlights! Good thing we got there first, because the Pick'n'Pull is where he'd just come from, and all the Golfs had been picked clean there, so we lucked out!

I've finally got my driver's license back, now we're just praying our marriage certificate will come in time. We're trusting God that it will all come through, what with Him finding us such a great apartment for the exact amount of time we needed and all. But that's not to say we wouldn't mind prayers and crossed fingers from all of you! Or if you know any one who can fast-track my visa once the marriage certificate comes in! :D

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Comment posted by sharon at 12:17am on August 27th 2006

how'bout "red rover" and "octopus tag". oh, and "tv tag"

Comment posted by Nomi at 12:17am on August 27th 2006

Red Rover I forgot. How is octopus tag different from chain tag? And what is TV tag?

Comment posted by sharon at 12:17am on August 27th 2006

oh, whoops! I guess those two are pretty much the same (although ¨octopus tag¨sounds more fun!) In TV tag, when someone tags you, you´re frozen until another person touches you and yells out a TV show name (you can only say a show once)

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