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August 23rd 2006, 12:34am

No, no. It's not me! Not even remotely! I would like to salute Janelle Loewen as the Queen of Blog. I don't know how she does it! She's got a munchkin, work and somehow manages to blog more than anyone else I know. So kudos, Janelle. You rock!

Time is flying by, I have only a little over a month until we are supposed to be flying to Glasgow. Only thing being, I have yet to get either our marriage certificate or my new driver's license, both of which are needed in order to get my visa. I really wish it would just be so simple as to be married to James and be able to move. At least the wedding part is over and done with! I loved it, but I'm glad not to have that planning on top of trying to make sure my visa comes through.

As the construction on my site continues, I'd love to hear feedback on the changes from you guys! Web design is something I'm learning, so let me know!

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Comment posted by sharon at 12:34am on August 23rd 2006

hey naomi! I imagine it must be pretty frustrating, playing the waiting game. I'll be praying for you and the whole process.

The site looks great. One thing, though, the date in the "take up your bed and walk" forum post is off--don't know if that matters to you or not.

Anyways, in 3 days....!

love you!

Comment posted by karina at 12:34am on August 23rd 2006

i did send you an email of all the pictures from your wedding that i have - did you get it?

Comment posted by Rach at 12:34am on August 23rd 2006

Glasgow? I hope you'll be driving/train to Coventry soon after? I can't wait to meet you!

Comment posted by Janelle at 12:34am on August 23rd 2006

I just read this now! i hadn't checked your blog in so long because you hadn't written for a while! why don't you ever let me know you've stopped in! i'd love to hear from you - but i'm glad you're checking in so it kinda feels like we are keeping in touch! thanks for writing about me - haha, my ego just blew up!! hugs my dear!!!

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