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August 13th 2006, 6:26am

Mrs. Naomi Ots... I'm still getting used to that. It's funny signing documents at work now. If I'm signing my full name, it's okay. But if I'm signing for a delivery, I've got an automatic reflex to sign my "shipper" signature. And initials are a whole other story!

We had a fantastic honeymoon. I won't go into too many details! We went out to Vancouver Island and stopped in Sorrento on the way there. We were making good time when we realized we'd forgotten something at the B&B, which fortunately the owner brought partway to meet us with. Saving us an extra hour of driving time!

We stayed three nights on Gabriola Island, which was great. They upgraded our room to the best room since it was our honeymoon and we had the place to ourselves! We ate at Suzy's, and nowhere else during our stay.

Then it was onwards to Nanaimo for two nights, where we took a quick trip up to Coombs. If you've never been there, you should go! Goats on a roof. And really good smoked salmon. We did our usual thing in Nanaimo and Coombs. Lots of pictures, bookshop browsing (okay, so we bought some books!) and antique store shopping. Then I got to take the road out to Tofino. Ooooo, fun, goody goody! Lots of tight curves...

James had surprised me by not telling me where we were staying in Tofino, which was the Wickaninnish Inn. It was fantastic, and such a nice treat! And it was great to fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing outside. Plus it turned out I knew two employees there. James from treeplanting, and Katherine from my soccer team, the Whitecaps. So I thought that was funny.

We hadn't realized there was no road direct from Tofino to Victoria, so James got to drive the road too! And see his first wild bear. When we got into Victoria, we thought we'd go out for dinner, and drove the coast road. And drove, and drove and drove. We actually drove quite a ways before we finally found a restaurant. Our stomachs were getting pretty growly!

Once we got back over to the mainland, we drove through Langley so I could show James where I grew up and went to school. We also stopped and visited with my grandpa for a little bit. Then it was back on the road. Our last night was the only one we hadn't booked a night's stay with. So I looked in a brochure we had, and only one place was listed for Kamloops. Fortunately, they had room at the inn! And it was a great chance to show James the kind of open plan timber-framed house I'd like to build someday. Maybe not that house exactly, but it was a good example.

The next day it was back to Calgary and back to "real life". It would have been nice to take a honeymoon in the literal sense, a whole month, but the week we had was fantastic. Now we're both back to work, back to cooking meals together, in a place of our own.

As you can see, my site is under a little renovation. With a husband that blogs regularly, perhaps I can manage to do the same! So keep an eye out for changes and new additions to the site!

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Comment posted by karina at 6:26am on August 13th 2006

yay a new post :) sounds like a wonderful time...would you put up some pictures? i do love your new initials by the way, that's funny.

Comment posted by cordella at 6:26am on August 13th 2006

I am so sorry I missed your wedding but I heard it was beautiful!!!!:) Congratulations on your marriage and upcoming life together!

Comment posted by sharon at 6:26am on August 13th 2006

glad to see you've returned to the world of blogging! That's neat that you got to go back to Coombs--that's where we at fish and chips once, right? That was a fun trip!

Comment posted by Nomi at 6:26am on August 13th 2006

I'll put some pictures on the site as soon as I can get James to show me how! For now, check out the pictures Sharon put on her blog.

Thanks for the congrats, Cords!

Coombs, no that's Coney Island at Whiterock you're thinking of, Sharon. And I took James there, too! We had fish and chips before we went to Langley! :D

Comment posted by Crystal at 6:26am on August 13th 2006

Naomi! Congratulations! I saw pictures on Sharon's and now Karina's Blog... finally a good headshot of the groom! You've bagged yourself a handsome one! Sounds like you had a great week away! I hope you enjoy married life as much as Jon & I do! Hey, if you are eve in Regina you are welcome to saty with us in our spare bedroom. It would be a delight to meet James! N.O. I am so happy for you! Here's to those initials and a long and happy marriage!

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