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March 11th 2006, 6:57am

So lately when people ask me what I've been up to, I say working and wedding stuff. That really pretty much covers it! I get to talk to James Saturdays, Sundays and alternate Friday mornings before I head off to work. Poor guy! Some times I'm so tired I can't tell what stuff I actually respond to, and what things I respond to in my head. One morning I was just about asleep on the phone, and I thought I was having a great conversation with him, until he jolted me out of my drowsiness asking me his question again! All of you know I've never been a morning person. Breakfast? Don't you mean brunch? That meal crazy people eat in the morning? Oh, right, THAT meal! Composes of cereal for most people? I choose SLEEP instead! :P

Work has been going well. My days at ATB as receptionist fly by. Slow days? What are those? Oh, you mean the days where I don't have people at my desk every minute but I still have plenty to keep me busy? Oh, okay! Which is a good thing. After all, I'm not watching the clock, or trying to find things to amuse myself with! Which is nice.

Speaking of amusing myself, while chatting with Kev Nikkel aka "the tropical rainforest", I was mucking around making a weemee. They're cool, and I found the site where you can make them at no fee! Yay! You can create a little person that resembles you, they make fun MSN pics or... if you have Skype (a great FREE way to keep in touch with long distance friend, the way James and I have kept in touch so nicely), you can use it for your pic too! Meet me in MSN sometime, guys, and check it out! Or get Skype and keep in touch with me no matter where we are! (You know what I'm talkin' about, Karis!)

I've been keeping busy with wedding invitations. Just have to find paper and envelopes, and then I'll be able to print them! Hurray! They're my biggest labour for this wedding. James has been a great help getting them ready, and has been working on our website as well. What are we going to do? His website, my website, our wedding website!!!! Oi!

We've got a church, a reception site, a photographer, my dress... Flowers are the next big thing after invites. Any Calgary ladies out there with ideas for florists?

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Comment posted by karina at 6:57am on March 11th 2006

hi naomi. good to hear you're having fun. don't get stressed out. still trying to figure out my summer work schedule so sorry about the waiting but i'll tellyou as soon as i know... do you have bridesmaids, who are they, and what kind of dresses will they have? that's my question of the day for you. love you.

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