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January 31st 2006, 1:27am

Since my format is a little different than all of yours, if you leave a comment, can you paste a link to your blog at the end of your comment for me? It would be great! Wow, this is getting way easier to do! Even though I'm not travelling... That's a little bizarre!

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Comment posted by Andrea at 1:27am on January 31st 2006

Hi Naomi!! It's sure been a while huh? I check your blog every once in a while, just to see where you are and what you're up to! Mine is

I have a question for you about the three degrees of travel thing you have on here! My sister, Lindsay, is interested in travelling around Europe in the fall, similar to what you did. Can you hook her up with some information and some people? She'd love the help as this is all very new for her.

E-mail me at the address above OK?

Hope all is well, talk to you soon, Andrea

Comment posted by Karis at 1:27am on January 31st 2006

Hey Naomi,

Saw your name on Sharon's blog. . . congratulations!! It was exciting to read about some of your adventures, and your wedding plans. That's great! Still planning to use those sketches you showed me at Bible school?! ;-) Hope everything goes well -- blessings to you. ps. if you want to check it out, I have a blog at about what I'm doing out here in Japan. Take care!

Comment posted by Nomi at 1:27am on January 31st 2006

I'm using some of the ideas. Mom was going to sew my dress, but we found one I loved, and my mom and sister loved on me. Trying to make James' jaw drop! Hee hee! I dropped by your blog a while back, was too tired to drop a note then! Skype me sometime, girl!

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